Shot 12 times plus 3 in his vest, Sikh Temple cop tells his story

We heard about Police Lt. Brian Murphy. Now he’s well enough to tell his story

The first shot hit him in the face, left side of his jaw, the 9mm bullet moving down, ripping through his larynx, bouncing off his spinal column and lodging in his right neck.

He remembered his training – “in a high-risk incident I will survive.” And he moved, even as 11 more bullets pierced his arms, hands, legs and the back of his head, even as three more bullets struck his protective vest, even as the gunman kept coming, firing at close range.

His biggest regret?

“People always ask me, do you flash back, do you have nightmares,” Murphy says. “My answer is no. I have none of that. I’m lucky and I touch wood. I’m very fortunate that way. But what I do look back at is what I could have done different. I have always been a big proponent, no reason to go over 70 miles an hour. You put others at risk. But if I could have gone 100, could I have stopped him from shooting just one other person?”

I think you’ve done plenty, Sir. 15 bullets meant for others hit you. You tied him up until your brother officer could shoot him.

There is a long video interview at the link. Watch it.

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  1. Over used term, but DEFINITELY applies here! And thankfully he survived!