This crime really bothers me

There’s a certain etiquette to strip clubs. You should keep your hands to your self, you should try to be reasonably polite to the staff, and you shouldn’t try to tip the dancers with counterfeit money.

Greensboro police said two men exchanged photocopied $100 and $20 bills for alcoholic beverages and services at Christie’s Cabaret at 4016 W. Wendover Ave. on Friday.

That’s just a douche move. When a woman is taking off her clothes and cavorting about in your lap, you pay her. You don’t try to pass off photocopied C-notes as the real deal.

Suspect 1 (note, the middle names don’t match. The age, location, and crimes fit thought)

Suspect 2

Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

5 responses to “This crime really bothers me

  1. Lol. They might be former Secret Service.

  2. I don’t know. The women fake that they’re interested, and the guys faked paying. 😉

  3. Snerk… Brian nailed that one!

  4. Fake boobs, fake bucks…

  5. Jay G. beat me to it.