Sooper Sekrit “Ballistic Database” in Rockingham County?

It’s a bizarre story.

A Reidsville couple killed in February were shot with the husband’s stolen 9mm handgun, the Rockingham County sheriff said today.

So the guy took the gun and shot them during the robbery? Nope. He stole it in December and shot them in February.

Rockingham Sheriff Sam Page said Troy French realized in December that his Hi-Point 9mm handgun had been stolen, but was unsure when. Investigators said ballistics tests showed that Troy and LaDonna were shot with Troy French’s stolen gun.

How bizarre. With no suspect in custody, they must have found the gun to run ballistics matching, right?

The gun has yet to be recovered.


How can you ballistically match a stolen Hi-Point to a murder when you don’t have the gun to match it? There’s no gun registration in North Carolina, and there’s certainly no “Ballistic Database” either. So how did they ballistically match it?

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