Belgians shoot Austrian

Tuesday was the third range trip with my new Belgian friends. You remember that a few weeks ago I took Marthe and Peter-Jan to the shooting range for their first time shooting a pistol. That went well and their second range trip showed improvement. They did well enough that I thought we should move up to a full size cartridge.

Look at the grip and that stance. She’s driving the gun, not letting the gun drive her.

During the first two range trips, Peter-Jan did better than Marthe. It was a curious reversal of the normal situation, where usually women listen better and learn faster. Well Marthe must have been sneaking off for extra practice because she improved dramatically when I put a Glock 17 in her hands. 

With any new semi-auto, I will only give a new shooter one bullet at a time. I don’t want a new shooter to get excited and crank off the second round into the ceiling tiles. We shot at 7 or 8 yards, at standard paper plates. Marthe put her first 5 rounds into her plate without even trying hard. It was pretty amazing. I made sure to pull that target and sign it. It’s not every day that someone puts their first 5 shots with a full power cartridge into the target.

Peter-Jan struggled a bit, but quickly got the hang of it. Once we swapped out targets, Peter-Jan put all the rest of his rounds (25) into his paper plate. He shot low a lot, but we know what’s causing that and we’ll be working on a correction. Unfortunately the photos of Peter-Jan were too blurry to post.

Marthe was very accurate, but she struggled once we started loading multiple rounds in the pistol. She couldn’t get the gun to cycle correctly. She got stovepipes and failures to feed constantly. It wasn’t until the last 10 rounds she shot that I finally figured out what was going wrong. Her shooting hand wasn’t fully behind the gun. We moved her grip and suddenly the pistol ran great.

We should be shooting again next week.

A special thanks to Bob Reynolds of Templar Custom for the loan of his Glock 17. And have I said how much I like the people who run the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center? They are polite, helpful, and quite a cheerful bunch. If you live close, you should check it out.

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