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This one time, on Twitter…

Last night before bed I responded to someone posting

I did a bit of searching and I found that she was reacting to a second person getting shot to death near her in Evanston, Il. The second shooting isn’t solved yet, but they’ve got the suspect for the first shooting in custody and he’s exactly who you’d think he would be.

Prosecutors said (Suspect) apparently was looking for revenge when he opened fire, but neither Dajae nor his friends had anything to do with the attack on the cousin.

“(Suspect) has gang affiliations and this was a retaliatory act upon an innocent group of teens with no gang affiliations,” Parrott said.

After being “eyeballed at the scene” by several witnesses, (Suspect) was arrested Wednesday at his home and charged Thursday night with first-degree murder and aggravated discharged of a firearm. Police have not recovered the weapon, Parrott noted.

(Suspect) associated with the Gangster Disciples street gang, Parrott said, and has at least two prior arrests — one on drug charges and another for a weapons charge.

An Oct. 18 court appearance is scheduled in Cook County Circuit Court for possession of a controlled substance. On July 12 he was found not guilty of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, according to court records, which also show arrests for shoplifting and alcohol offenses.

Parrott also confirmed that (Suspect) had been wounded “within the last six months” in an Evanston shooting, but was not cooperative with police in its investigation.

Crime is mostly the province of criminals. Rarely does a regular law-abiding citizen suddenly decide to be a murderer. This murder is no exception. I suspect we will find that the second shooting will be no different.

I think she’s 15 years old, so I can forgive the ignorance. Here’s the problem. The attitudes that start as children turn into the voting patterns of adults. I have a policy that if you drop into the #GunControl hashtag shark pit, you’re going to get treated like any other adult. If you’re wrong, I’m going to call you on it. Luckily, she was very polite and was mostly venting out of pain and not out of actual anti-gun sentiment. After a few back and forth Tweets, I let her go.

I think we need to address anti-gun sentiment whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head. We need to be willing to tell a person that they are wrong and be willing to back it up. The professional anti-gun Left hopes that we will be too polite to tell a 15 year old that she’s wrong. That’s because they hope that the 15 year old will vote against guns 3 years from now. They depend upon low information voters. It’s our job to make sure that they aren’t ignorant. You can bet that the anti-gun Left isn’t going to educate them.

So Sean, how accurate is your new rifle?

Not bad, actually

I shot this on Thanksgiving morning, from the bench at 100 yards using a scope. If I place a quarter directly over the group, it covers one and half of each of the other two bullet holes. That sounds like 1 MOA to me. Given I was shooting standard 55gr FMJ Federal, and not some fancy match grade ammo, I think that’s pretty fine.

Still don’t have a better photo

I think I could improve on this. I am not very good at shooting off the bench, which is funny because you’d think that benchrest would be easy. Last year when we had a blogshoot out east of here, ASM826 of Random Acts of Patriotism said that he was more comfortable shooting from the prone, unsupported, with a sling. I thought he must be crazy. After going to Appleseed, I find I agree with him. I’d like to shoot this again, from the prone. I just need to find some sort of sling attachment point that works with my (lack of) rail.

The next range trip will hopefully be on the 14th of December. Marthe, the girl half of my Belgian shooting students, will have one day between the end of her finals and her plane flight home. We are hoping to have a couple of free hours so she can shoot a real live “assault weapon™” before she goes home.

Why was he free?

Another death. Another opportunity for the anti-gun crowd to point at us, the lawful gun owners, and demand we be disarmed. “For the Children™”

Police arrested a 20-year-old man in the Nov. 16 shooting death of (Victim), 17, inside a mobile home on Bell Street off West Iredell Avenue.

Another “gun death” of a child.


Do you think that the anti-gunners will be pointing out that the suspected killer is a felon, convicted of both conspiracy to rob with a dangerous weapon and common law robbery? Will they complain that a convicted felon started serving his sentence for two serious felonies on September 20th, 2011 and was released on July 17th 2012, less than a year later? Will they demand an explanation as to how a convicted felon was released from jail in July is now suspected of murdering someone only 4 months later?

No. They’ll just demand further abridgments of our right to keep and bear arms.


I was reading this story

Police arrested a man Tuesday on charges that he broke into a woman’s home in the early morning of Nov. 17, raped her and left with $200.

and looked up his record. Unexpectedly…


Who am I kidding. If he didn’t have a prior record I’d have been amazed.

Thanks NRA! You suck!

I’m an NRA member. You kind of have to be if you’re a gun owner. The NRA is the 800 pound gorilla of gun rights at the national level. But sometimes the NRA does some really stupid crap.

More than three weeks after the election, U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre finally locked up victory Wednesday, as a recount solidified his slim lead over state Sen. David Rouzer for the congressional seat he has held for 16 years.

McIntyre lost one vote in the recount, bringing the revised split to 168,695 for McIntyre and 168,041 for Rouzer – a difference of 654.

654 votes gave a Democrat the victory over the Republican. And where did these votes come from?

Unfortunately, the NRA endorsed anti-gun incumbent Mike McIntyre (GRNC **, with a pro-gun voting record of only 74%) against GRNC-recommended challenger David Rouzer, whose 100% pro-gun voting record in the NC Senate earned GRNC’s highest 4-star (****) evaluation. NRA members should contact the organization and ask them why they might have helped to re-elect an anti-gun incumbent against a superior challenger.

NRA ratings make no sense. GRNC ratings are based upon voting records, not back room deals. The NRA told their members that voting for McIntyre was voting pro-gun. At lease 654 people out of nearly 170,000 voters would have changed their votes had the NRA properly noted that Rouzer was the pro-gun candidate.

Basically the NRA handed the race to McIntyre. Thanks a bunch.

One for the stupid criminal files

If you steal a car and try to sell it, don’t you think that the good people at CarMax will check the CarFax vehicle report to see if it’s stolen before they take it in trade?

(Suspect 1), 35, of Orangeburg, S.C., and (Suspect 2), 34, of Raleigh showed up at CarMax with the stolen gold Lincoln on Monday, according to Raleigh police. The two men hoped to leave with a Mercedes ML-350 SUV, according to arrest warrants.

Detectives arrested the two about 2 a.m. Tuesday. They found that (Suspect 1) had a string of aliases, including (Alias for Suspect 1), and that under that name he was wanted by New York on a felony drug charge and also is wanted in Somerset County, N.J.

What a pair of winners. Suspect 1 is from out of State, but what about Suspect 2?

Suspect 2

Cops found a gun, cocaine, and a near terminal case of the stupids. Life is hard. It’s even harder when you are stupid.

Stop telling the truth!!!

Reporters lie. Sometimes. They like to shade the truth to make a better story. Sometimes. But most of the time they report factual stories in a factual way, lying only by omission and by the particular stories they highlight. Now we have a columnist who is openly calling for lying by omission.

Last week, a 28-year-old Henderson man named (Victim) was shot and killed. Before his mama had a chance to pick out a suit and tie in which to bury him, a local TV station was reporting on his criminal past, even, for dramatic effect, slowly scanning the camera across the arrest record.

Turns out the dude was arrested in 2008 and received probation in 2009 on charges of possession with intent to sell a schedule VI drug. Lawyers I talked to say that’s marijuana..

Oh, Noes! The Humanity! They told all and sundry that he was a convicted felon.


He was a drug dealer.

Sullying the dead unnecessarily is not a new phenomenon, but it still enrages — even when the newspaper does it.

You have to ask yourself why. Why does Barry Saunders get worked up into such a froth about a TV newsreader pointing out that a criminal who got murdered was a criminal? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s effective. Barry has appeared here before sneering at us toothless cousin humping rednecks for going to the gun show. Barry is anti-gun. Barry hates it when he brings up all the “Gun Deaths™” and we fire back with “yeah, but how many were criminals?”

Anti-gunners can’t argue with reality. Facts cut against their argument and they know it. Their only option is to tell us to shut up. Don’t tell the inconvenient truth, let us get away with our pretty lies.

He, and all the rest of the liars, can kiss my ass. I’m not shutting up for them or anyone else.

One choirboy shoots another

Here’s another murder that the anti-gunners will blame on lawful gun owners.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are searching for a man in connection with Wednesday’s fatal shooting in Grier Heights.

No doubt someone will soon tell us that both of them were “getting their lives together,” and “weren’t really bad people,” but the records say otherwise.



We keep hoping that the anti-gunners will one day realize that trying to control criminals by punishing the law-abiding is a fool’s errand. I think that they just don’t care. They hate the very idea of firearms, so any excuse to ban them is good enough.

They do seem to catch a lot of bullets

If gun crime was as random as the anti-gunners try to tell us, wouldn’t you think that the victims would be a more representative demographic sample?

Police were called to the 200 block of Greenhaven Drive just before 2 a.m. Wednesday. There they found 25-year-old (Victim), who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his back.

So, what sort of person was out and about at 2AM getting shot in the back?


It’s amazing how all these random shootings seem to happen to felons.

So what was he doing at the time?

The “Who, What, When, and Where” are covered, but not the “Why?”

A Gastonia man was in jail early Wednesday, accused of stabbing another man in the chest.

The victim, a 43-year-old man, lived on the same block as Lynn, according to a police report. The victim was taken to the hospital but his condition was not known early Wednesday.

So let’s look at the suspect


Doesn’t it make you wonder if the victim surprised him while he stealing from a car?