Sean’s Final Election Predictions

Here it is. This is my final election night predictions for Tuesday.

I think that we’re going to see a real shocker. Yes, I really predict that New Jersey will go Republican. They voted for Chris Christie and they haven’t seen the state implode, so I think they will go Romney.

I also stand by all my previous predictions. Senate goes Republican, House gets more Republican, and North Carolina goes completely Republican.

6 responses to “Sean’s Final Election Predictions

  1. I have been on record for a month or more predicting; Obama will win 5 to 6 states. Looks like my son and I agree again.

  2. Looks about right to me.

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  4. I may be a bit more pessimistic that you, but at least we get to the same result. I’ll be revising my predictions based on your information, but I don’t know if I can give Romney Nevada. I hope to be wrong on that one.

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  6. Lol… -somebody- was wishfully thinking.