The good news, at least for North Carolina

So, who’s up for a spot of good political news?

Republicans appeared to win 77 of 120 seats in the state House and 32 of 50 seats in the Senate – giving the party a supermajority in both chambers, according to early election results.

The tallies give Republicans nine more seats in the House and one more in the Senate. With the large majority, lawmakers can overturn any gubernatorial vetoes, though those appear less likely given Republican Pat McCrory’s victory in the governor’s race.

This is what happens when the party that gerrymandered the State for 100 years loses power in a redistricting year. North Carolina has finally joined the rest of the southern states and realigned. The Dems held it off for an impressive number of years, but that’s all over now.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby won re-election, which was one of those hidden races that I was really worried about. There was a lot of money spent on this race, primarily because if he lost, the State Supreme Court would tip back to the Liberals, which would jeopardize the redistricting. It would also affect gun legislation if it ever ended up at that Court.

The Republicans have claimed the Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s chairs, as well as a few other state level offices. This puts North Carolina firmly in the hands of the Republicans. This has never happened before. According to the newspaper reports, it wasn’t a Republican government during Reconstruction, but a Fusionist government composed of Republicans and Populists.

We will have to listen to the usual suspects howling that the Government has changed, but the people still believe the same things, but we will have to ignore them. We will have to move our state in the right direction no matter how loudly the professional Left squalls.

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