Time to hunt RINOs

Mitt Romney is finished in politics. But is the Republican “Establishment?” Weer’d says it best.

I got upset in the Primaries. People may be tempted to compare Mitt Romney to Bob Dole, no the Bob Dole repeat was John McCain, last night Mitt Romney showed us what it would look like if the Republicans fielded John Forbes Kerry.

We had a winnable race, and we picked a poor candidate. Now I HOPE that the GOP get this message.

My fear is that they won’t get that message. The “Establishment” will look at this race and say “Oh, dear. We had a nice moderate candidate and we lost. Now we have to find another, more moderate, candidate.” And off they will go, anointing yet one more Democrat-Lite candidate.

There’s only one solution. That’s for each of us to get involved in our local Republican Party. Find like minded people and take over the local party apparatus. We can’t fight the Establishment so we have to become the establishment. As Miguel says (and Weer’d quotes)

The decapitation of the RNC is a must. Two major presidential failures are inexcusable. We begin to hunt RINOs as of now.

We all watched as better candidates were pushed aside because it was Mitt’s turn. If we don’t fix the party now, we’ll just see it again next time.

3 responses to “Time to hunt RINOs

  1. They WILL get the message…just the question is WHEN and at what cost. Really right now the GOP suffers from long-entrenched Republicans from the Daddy-State Era who vote with their bibles, talk about abortion all day long (but never field a bill to ban it like they seem to imply) and are totally concerned about what the queers are doing to the soil.

    We have a TON of fresh young Republicans out there who aren’t like that. The question is, will the Rank and File old guard step aside for love of country, or make them literally take office over their dead bodies.

    John Boehner, John McCain, Pat Buchanan, and Newt Gingrich will eventually die or stop playing politics. When they do people like Rand Paul, Allen West, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, and countless others who we don’t even know their names, will be there to take their place.

    It WILL happen, we aren’t replacing our Daddy State RINOs, and they are a finite supply. Just again its a question of WHEN and at what cost.

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  3. The primary process for president is a huge part of what’s broken. A primary is supposed to be a party choosing its candidate. How many open primaries are there and what color are those states?

    Then the gigantic emphasis placed on three early, but tiny, states. I got one for the GOP, wait for the south to vote before deciding to anoint the winner. It’s been really frustrating to see a field of seven to nine candidates where, by the time I get to vote, there are just two RINO’s left because Iowa and New Hampshire (both pretty damn RINO states) prefer a bluer candidate.