Sean, you’ve been awful quiet since the election. Is everything OK?

Yep, doing fine. I have been pretty quiet, but not due to post election depression. Yeah, the results of the national elections were pretty bleak, but that’s not why I haven’t been posting anything except my daily Felons Behaving Badly posts. I haven’t really been commenting on other blogs either. I’ve been working on a project.

Zucca sez: “Needz P-nut buttrz for flavrs”

That is a five gallon bucket of processed .223 brass. The dog, for scale, is 70 lbs.

I’ve cleaned, deprimed, and swaged the primer pockets on all of the brass in this bucket plus another 2 gallons or so. I swaged so much brass that I broke the swage handle. Dillon is sending me a replacement.

I’ve said before that I’m the Deputy-Assistant Shop Monkey for a local AR-15 manufacturer, Templar. Bob is mostly a one-man shop, but he’s nice enough to let me hang around and learn stuff from him. I sweep up, put stuff away, and do the occasional technical drawing. It’s pretty cool to see your multi-view drawing, hacked together with a ruler, a pencil, and whatever round object was on the desk, taped up behind the milling machine for reference.

I was happy to finally be able to make a concrete contribution to the shop, but my hands hurt, my shoulders ache, and I’m wondering how much it would cost to buy one of these.


That would be sweet!

One response to “Sean, you’ve been awful quiet since the election. Is everything OK?

  1. Laboring over brass and doing case preparation has seriously hurt my hands. I get contact dermatitis every time I start to handle machinery – the skin on my fingers cracks open in fissures and bleeds. It hurts.
    Damn one more hobby that I’m not sure I can do anymore. 🙁