Evil gun owner rapes victim

It’s the gun that caused this, I’m sure of it. Like our favorite crazy anti-gun lady said, it’s the gun that made him do it.

Assistant District Attorney Belinda Foster said (Suspect) and the alleged victim in the case knew each other and that on Oct. 7, 2011, (Suspect) took her to a wooded area near Forest Park Elementary School under the pretense of firing a two-shot Derringer gun. But when they got to the wooded area, (Suspect) forced the woman to take her clothes off and then raped her while he held a gun to her head, Foster said.

Now if he’d only been prohibited from owning a gun, all would have been averted.



There are people in this world who should not be allowed to roam freely. Unfortunately, the same people who want to forgive and forget the criminals want to take the guns we use for sport, hunting, recreation, and self-defense.

Does that seem right to you?

2 responses to “Evil gun owner rapes victim

  1. Of course not, but who are WE to question the elites??? Sigh…

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