Best poster EVAR

I only wished that they actually used posters like this in school.

I hate bullies. I wish that the teachers had told us to gang up on bullies in school and beat them up. Instead, stupid fools like me tried to follow the rules and got beat up anyway. That ended when I outgrew my tormentors. Freshman year in High School was a bit of a surprise for them.

Perhaps this is why I am so opposed to the anti-gunners. They insist that I follow the “rules” and beg that benevolent authority protect me. Those assholes never bothered to protect me when I was getting beat up in school, so why should I trust them now? In fact, the teachers who promised me punishment for fighting back were only making it easier for the bullies. Kind of like how the anti-gunners are making it easier for the criminals and the tyrants.

This is apparently a poster from the movie (which I still haven’t seen) Hunger Games.

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