Man, we should have a blogger get together. It’s been too long. I think the last blogger shoot I’ve been to was last Christmas, in Pitt County, ran by Borepatch. I’ve got this cool new rifle

Plus I now know that we can rent a bay at the Wake County shooting range for $45 an hour. That’s not a single lane, that’s an entire bay, 8 lanes, max range 100 yards. I can also check out a local outdoor range and see what they want to rent their 200 yard outdoor range, complete with a two story shooting platform.

Who lives close to Raleigh, NC who would want to get involved? You don’t have to be a blogger, just a person who is safe with a gun.

15 responses to “Blogmeet?

  1. Stand by for incoming email transmission …

  2. I am in… Though with the holidays approaching, scheduling can get a tad tricky.

  3. What Chris said…

    I’m in, though scheduling might get interesting.

  4. What range are you talking about. I’ve trying to find one.

  5. The outdoor range I was considering is Drake’s Landing, in Fuquay Varina. Unfortunately, they said it wasn’t going to be possible to rent their rifle range.

    The other place is the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center, in Holly Springs. I have emailed them and asked for a schedule of open dates available for renting the range. They have a 100 yard indoor range with 9 benches and one spot for seated or prone shooting.

    My obvious preference is for a 200 yard or longer outdoor range. It might be cold during December, but it’s just more fun outside.

  6. Is the rental during their (ab)normal range hours or can it be anytime?

  7. perhap eagle one in Raleigh. It will have to be pistols and its indoors, but I believe you can rent their range.

  8. I’m in if it happens to be a day which I do not already have anything scheduled. I’m running perilously low on those, though!

  9. Brad, the range rental at Wake would have to be before their normal opening hours. They open at 6pm on weekdays, noon on Saturday, and 1 pm on Sunday.

  10. If my schedule is open on the day, I will show up.

  11. Sean, if it doesn’t conflict with work, I’ll join you too…


  12. I’m certainly interested, and willing to drive in from GA.

  13. Sounds good to me.

  14. I’d be game. I know 37psr in Bunnlevel allows the range to be rented out as well.