Felonious assault on a law enforcement officer

So your car is off the road in a ditch, and up comes Officer Friendly. What do you do?

A. Thank the officer for his help

B. Beat the crap out of him

If you selected “B,” congratulations!

When Cameron police Chief Gary McDonald saw a vehicle stopped in a ditch on Carthage Street, he did what most officers might do: He stopped to help.

But McDonald ended up on the ground, unconscious, after one of vehicle’s occupants sneaked up and hit him in the back of the head, said Capt. Richard Talbert of the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

Cameron is so tiny that the Chief of Police is also his own police force. He’s a one man show. I’ll bet he knows everyone in town.

So what was it that made the suspect beat up the cop?


This is pretty standard. Normal people don’t go around beating each other senseless. Normal people especially don’t go around doing it to cops.

It’s crap like this that gets the rest of us held at gunpoint by the average police officer. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just kill all the criminals, leaving the rest of us to just be nice to our officers?

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