Speaking of not finished…

Uncle is right when he says that your AR is never really finished.

I’ve added the sights, at least some loaner sights until I get my own fixed sights. I’m planning on getting an EOTech EXPS3-0 sight as well.

Since this rifle is primarily for home defense, I think I should add a light to it. I’m being taught to hold the rifle with my support hand thumb rolled over the top of the forend, all the way out at the front sight. I selected the Templar RaceRail, which only has one rail, the one on top. I didn’t see any reason to have four rails. 

Does anyone have any suggestions how I would attach a light to the top rail in a position that I could turn it on and off? Any companies who would like to send me stuff so I could test the various options can contact me via email.

6 responses to “Speaking of not finished…

  1. First fallacy of ARs: That you are finished.
    Second fallacy of ARs: That you can just have one.

    Good luck with your BRD. Be sure not to catch RBRD.

  2. Something like this?

    Several companies make similar items. It would attach to the top rail but hold your light to the side, out of the way of your sights.

  3. I’d go with a Surefire X300 right at the very end of the top rail.

  4. About like this, but with an x300 instead of the Streamlight (x300 is a good bit lower profile)

  5. http://www.elzetta.com/zfh1500FAQ.htm

    This looks like it might work. Although I am not sure without the front sight post or bayonet lug…