New rule: Don’t argue with felons

Be careful who you argue with. They might pull a gun and shoot you.

Hickory police said the shooting on 19th Avenue N.E. apparently resulted from an argument between (Victim), 35, and (Suspect) of Hickory.

So, who was this gun toting killer? Was he another poster boy for the anti-gunner’s “Concealed Carry Killers” scare study?


He was just another felon.

So how is it that a person gets convicted of two serious felonies, Class G Felony “Common Law Robbery” and Class E Felony “Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon” stemming from two separate incidents on two different days, yet he only gets a suspended sentence? The NC Structured Sentencing guide (PDF) makes it pretty clear that a Class E Felony, with no prior convictions, gets you 15-20 months of prison, minimum. The “presumptive” range is 20-25 months. And that doesn’t include the second crime, which should get you 10-13 months.

If I was a family member of the victim I’d be screaming bloody murder about how a criminal already convicted of two very serious felonies was never given any jail time.

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