More criminals who know their victims

The anti-gunners like to pretend that because police statistics show that most victims know their killers, most murder is domestic violence. They ignore stuff like this.

(Suspect), who knew the victim, then reached into the victim’s pockets and demanded money. As the victim tried to push Baskerville off, Baskerville shot him in the chest, according to the release.

(Suspect) then hit the victim in the head with the gun as they wrestled on the ground before running away.

So what sort of person was this 19 year old?


I keep pointing out that violent crime is mostly the province of known criminals. The gun grabbers must like to pretend that criminals don’t have friends, family, or acquaintances.

One response to “More criminals who know their victims

  1. Re the last sentence, whom they also rob IF they think they can get away with it!!!