Stop telling the truth!!!

Reporters lie. Sometimes. They like to shade the truth to make a better story. Sometimes. But most of the time they report factual stories in a factual way, lying only by omission and by the particular stories they highlight. Now we have a columnist who is openly calling for lying by omission.

Last week, a 28-year-old Henderson man named (Victim) was shot and killed. Before his mama had a chance to pick out a suit and tie in which to bury him, a local TV station was reporting on his criminal past, even, for dramatic effect, slowly scanning the camera across the arrest record.

Turns out the dude was arrested in 2008 and received probation in 2009 on charges of possession with intent to sell a schedule VI drug. Lawyers I talked to say that’s marijuana..

Oh, Noes! The Humanity! They told all and sundry that he was a convicted felon.


He was a drug dealer.

Sullying the dead unnecessarily is not a new phenomenon, but it still enrages — even when the newspaper does it.

You have to ask yourself why. Why does Barry Saunders get worked up into such a froth about a TV newsreader pointing out that a criminal who got murdered was a criminal? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s effective. Barry has appeared here before sneering at us toothless cousin humping rednecks for going to the gun show. Barry is anti-gun. Barry hates it when he brings up all the “Gun Deaths™” and we fire back with “yeah, but how many were criminals?”

Anti-gunners can’t argue with reality. Facts cut against their argument and they know it. Their only option is to tell us to shut up. Don’t tell the inconvenient truth, let us get away with our pretty lies.

He, and all the rest of the liars, can kiss my ass. I’m not shutting up for them or anyone else.

2 responses to “Stop telling the truth!!!

  1. Agree! If we don’t push back, they’ll keep saying it’s the truth till some fools believe it… sigh

  2. Agree with Old NFO – we have to keep pointing their duplicity at every opportunity. Especially so when they keep referring to ‘gun violence’ – I’ll keep saying it – violence is a human action, guns are inanimate objects.