Thanks NRA! You suck!

I’m an NRA member. You kind of have to be if you’re a gun owner. The NRA is the 800 pound gorilla of gun rights at the national level. But sometimes the NRA does some really stupid crap.

More than three weeks after the election, U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre finally locked up victory Wednesday, as a recount solidified his slim lead over state Sen. David Rouzer for the congressional seat he has held for 16 years.

McIntyre lost one vote in the recount, bringing the revised split to 168,695 for McIntyre and 168,041 for Rouzer – a difference of 654.

654 votes gave a Democrat the victory over the Republican. And where did these votes come from?

Unfortunately, the NRA endorsed anti-gun incumbent Mike McIntyre (GRNC **, with a pro-gun voting record of only 74%) against GRNC-recommended challenger David Rouzer, whose 100% pro-gun voting record in the NC Senate earned GRNC’s highest 4-star (****) evaluation. NRA members should contact the organization and ask them why they might have helped to re-elect an anti-gun incumbent against a superior challenger.

NRA ratings make no sense. GRNC ratings are based upon voting records, not back room deals. The NRA told their members that voting for McIntyre was voting pro-gun. At lease 654 people out of nearly 170,000 voters would have changed their votes had the NRA properly noted that Rouzer was the pro-gun candidate.

Basically the NRA handed the race to McIntyre. Thanks a bunch.

3 responses to “Thanks NRA! You suck!

  1. Yeah, I agree. In the Presidential election, they were backing a known anti-gun politician. Chances are Obama still would have won if they were backing Ron Paul, or one of the other Republican candidates that is a proven friend of gun rights, but there should be such a thing as standards. The NRA’s #1 job is to do what they can to protect gun rights. If that means putting your stamp on a candidate that doesn’t have as much of a chance as another, so be it.

  2. The NRA has morphed into something other than a gun rights protection agency, they are the first to compromise with the anti-gunners and give up more of our rights and call it a win because the anti-gunners didn’t get all of them. I’ve stopped supporting the NRA and happily support solid grass root organizations instead

  3. The NRA does a lot of things well. Selecting politicians for endorsements is not one of them. When I get that information from them, I’ve found it’s highest use to be starting a fire in the wood stove.