So Sean, how accurate is your new rifle?

Not bad, actually

I shot this on Thanksgiving morning, from the bench at 100 yards using a scope. If I place a quarter directly over the group, it covers one and half of each of the other two bullet holes. That sounds like 1 MOA to me. Given I was shooting standard 55gr FMJ Federal, and not some fancy match grade ammo, I think that’s pretty fine.

Still don’t have a better photo

I think I could improve on this. I am not very good at shooting off the bench, which is funny because you’d think that benchrest would be easy. Last year when we had a blogshoot out east of here, ASM826 of Random Acts of Patriotism said that he was more comfortable shooting from the prone, unsupported, with a sling. I thought he must be crazy. After going to Appleseed, I find I agree with him. I’d like to shoot this again, from the prone. I just need to find some sort of sling attachment point that works with my (lack of) rail.

The next range trip will hopefully be on the 14th of December. Marthe, the girl half of my Belgian shooting students, will have one day between the end of her finals and her plane flight home. We are hoping to have a couple of free hours so she can shoot a real live “assault weapon™” before she goes home.

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  1. PDB: I only have on rail, on top. I actually need two slings, a tactical sling, which won’t be a problem, and a USGI sling, which is the issue.

    When I went to Appleseed I shot Bob at Templar’s personal rifle. He had what looked like a sling attachment point out at the end of his rail. It turns out that it is actually an attachment point for a Harris bipod. Harris makes an adapter for hollow rails.

    I think that’s what I want.

  2. Nice set up!

  3. Add a short rail to the bottom and get a sling adapter. Brownells should have everything you need. I used a 4 rail gas block on my last build and put a GI sling adapter on the bottom. I also added a adapter at the rear for a single point sling.

    Nice looking rifle. I’ll have to try and get some pictures of mine. I put flip up sights front and rear and a QD 3X9 lighted scope. It’s looking like Monday is going to be a range day.

  4. Depending on what time you’re shooting on the 14th, I might be able to add a drum fed AK variant to the mix.

  5. Brad, We’ll be at the Wake County Firearms Training and Education Center in Holly Springs. If you are a Wake resident or a resident of any county that touches Wake County, you have to attend their $15 range safety class. Check out their website.

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