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More criminals who know their victims

The anti-gunners like to pretend that because police statistics show that most victims know their killers, most murder is domestic violence. They ignore stuff like this.

(Suspect), who knew the victim, then reached into the victim’s pockets and demanded money. As the victim tried to push Baskerville off, Baskerville shot him in the chest, according to the release.

(Suspect) then hit the victim in the head with the gun as they wrestled on the ground before running away.

So what sort of person was this 19 year old?


I keep pointing out that violent crime is mostly the province of known criminals. The gun grabbers must like to pretend that criminals don’t have friends, family, or acquaintances.

Lying is their first skill

People who steal first have to master lying. Unless they can convince others that they are normal, no one will trust them.

The God-loving image Richard Hugh Grissett puts forth on his Facebook page is in stark contrast to the one painted by law enforcement Tuesday of a violent convicted felon now charged in the beating death of an elderly woman.

An 86 year old woman, beaten and strangled by a criminal, one she knew. This is the kind of person criminals are. They will beat and strangle people they know, just to steal their stuff.


You have to wonder why he was free to commit these crimes.

Two arrested in string of robberies

Raleigh Police have two of their suspects.

Police have charged two men with a string of armed robberies in Raleigh that began late last month.

So, did a pair of gun owners get a wild hair and decide to reinvent themselves as armed robbers?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Or are they hardened criminals just plying their chosen trade?

New rule: Don’t argue with felons

Be careful who you argue with. They might pull a gun and shoot you.

Hickory police said the shooting on 19th Avenue N.E. apparently resulted from an argument between (Victim), 35, and (Suspect) of Hickory.

So, who was this gun toting killer? Was he another poster boy for the anti-gunner’s “Concealed Carry Killers” scare study?


He was just another felon.

So how is it that a person gets convicted of two serious felonies, Class G Felony “Common Law Robbery” and Class E Felony “Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon” stemming from two separate incidents on two different days, yet he only gets a suspended sentence? The NC Structured Sentencing guide (PDF) makes it pretty clear that a Class E Felony, with no prior convictions, gets you 15-20 months of prison, minimum. The “presumptive” range is 20-25 months. And that doesn’t include the second crime, which should get you 10-13 months.

If I was a family member of the victim I’d be screaming bloody murder about how a criminal already convicted of two very serious felonies was never given any jail time.

Speaking of not finished…

Uncle is right when he says that your AR is never really finished.

I’ve added the sights, at least some loaner sights until I get my own fixed sights. I’m planning on getting an EOTech EXPS3-0 sight as well.

Since this rifle is primarily for home defense, I think I should add a light to it. I’m being taught to hold the rifle with my support hand thumb rolled over the top of the forend, all the way out at the front sight. I selected the Templar RaceRail, which only has one rail, the one on top. I didn’t see any reason to have four rails. 

Does anyone have any suggestions how I would attach a light to the top rail in a position that I could turn it on and off? Any companies who would like to send me stuff so I could test the various options can contact me via email.

Felonious assault on a law enforcement officer

So your car is off the road in a ditch, and up comes Officer Friendly. What do you do?

A. Thank the officer for his help

B. Beat the crap out of him

If you selected “B,” congratulations!

When Cameron police Chief Gary McDonald saw a vehicle stopped in a ditch on Carthage Street, he did what most officers might do: He stopped to help.

But McDonald ended up on the ground, unconscious, after one of vehicle’s occupants sneaked up and hit him in the back of the head, said Capt. Richard Talbert of the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

Cameron is so tiny that the Chief of Police is also his own police force. He’s a one man show. I’ll bet he knows everyone in town.

So what was it that made the suspect beat up the cop?


This is pretty standard. Normal people don’t go around beating each other senseless. Normal people especially don’t go around doing it to cops.

It’s crap like this that gets the rest of us held at gunpoint by the average police officer. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just kill all the criminals, leaving the rest of us to just be nice to our officers?


Man, we should have a blogger get together. It’s been too long. I think the last blogger shoot I’ve been to was last Christmas, in Pitt County, ran by Borepatch. I’ve got this cool new rifle

Plus I now know that we can rent a bay at the Wake County shooting range for $45 an hour. That’s not a single lane, that’s an entire bay, 8 lanes, max range 100 yards. I can also check out a local outdoor range and see what they want to rent their 200 yard outdoor range, complete with a two story shooting platform.

Who lives close to Raleigh, NC who would want to get involved? You don’t have to be a blogger, just a person who is safe with a gun.

Marks on the child

Mayberry, the fictional town on The Andy Griffith Show is said to be based upon Griffith’s hometown of Mt. Airy, NC. The Town of Mt. Airy, NC now has a population of 10,388, considerably more than one stoplight, and it’s fair share of crime. One wonders what “Sheriff Andy Taylor” would have made of this.

Atkinson says authorities were called to (Suspect 2)’s house Friday after a report of an infant in cardiac arrest. The baby was later pronounced dead at a hospital, and the sheriff says authorities became concerned and charged the couple after noticing injuries on the baby’s body.

They are both charged with Second Degree Murder.

Suspect 2

I will never understand why anyone would harm a baby.

Best poster EVAR

I only wished that they actually used posters like this in school.

I hate bullies. I wish that the teachers had told us to gang up on bullies in school and beat them up. Instead, stupid fools like me tried to follow the rules and got beat up anyway. That ended when I outgrew my tormentors. Freshman year in High School was a bit of a surprise for them.

Perhaps this is why I am so opposed to the anti-gunners. They insist that I follow the “rules” and beg that benevolent authority protect me. Those assholes never bothered to protect me when I was getting beat up in school, so why should I trust them now? In fact, the teachers who promised me punishment for fighting back were only making it easier for the bullies. Kind of like how the anti-gunners are making it easier for the criminals and the tyrants.

This is apparently a poster from the movie (which I still haven’t seen) Hunger Games.

Burlington shootering suspect arrested

Police haven’t released the victim’s name in a shooting on Tuesday in Burlington, but they’ve arrested one of two suspects already.

Police here arrested one suspect in the shooting of a man on Thursday.

Police arrested (Suspect 1) at 11 p.m. Friday in Greensboro, according to a news release from the Burlington police. He was charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and of conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

They are still looking for the second suspect

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Drugs and shootings seem to go hand in hand. Maybe that’s my secret. I’ve got several deadly weapons, but I’ve never shot anyone. Perhaps it’s because I listened to my father and stayed away from drugs.