Another murder-suicide proves only cops should have guns!

Not the idiot football player, a different idiot.

(Suspect) fatally shot his wife Amber Seymore in the head Monday morning and then turned the weapon on himself, according to the state medical examiner’s office.

So what sort of person was he?

(Suspect) was a retired police officer with Bay Area Rapid Transit in California, according to his LinkedIn page.

That has to hurt the gun grabber cause. They are forever telling us that only cops and military should own guns. Yet come the next “candlelight vigil” they will celebrate this woman’s death while ignoring the fact that her killer was an “only one.”

The gun grabbers like to tell us that people are too violent and dangerous to trust with deadly force. Yet once those same “people,” get blessed with government pixie dust, and get a badge, the gun grabbers are happy to let them carry a gun. I think that what the gun grabbers really want isn’t a gun free world. I think what they want is a master.

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