Buy your leather sap before Raymond sells them all!

I’ve shown you my sap already.

Mine’s the one on the bottom. It was handmade by Raymond, here in Raleigh.

Now’s the time to get your very own sap. Raymond is clearing out his inventory at rock bottom prices. He has some very fine saps, nothing over $50! And that includes shipping. So hop on over there and grab yours before he sells them all. Tell him Sean sent you.

There is no law against carrying a sap in North Carolina. I carry mine into restaurants that serve alcohol because NC prohibits me from carrying my gun. The State bans me from carrying one tool, so I carry another. Remember that YOU are the weapon. The gun is just a tool.

FTC disclaimer: Raymond did not pay me for this link or endorsement. I paid good hard cash for my sap. If you don’t agree that my endorsement is based upon the quality and usefulness of my Raymond Sap, feel free to come over and I will demonstrate how well it works.

3 responses to “Buy your leather sap before Raymond sells them all!

  1. “Hey Sean, show me how good that SAP works…” “ow” [thud]
    Rich in NC

  2. Here in NH we can carry as many pistols or automatic knives into bars as we want, but are barred from carrying “blackjack, slung shot, or metallic knuckles shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; and such weapon or articles so carried by him shall be confiscated to the use of the state”. Great blog!!

  3. That’s too bad. Maybe someone should repeal that silly law.