I wantses!

How could I not want one of these?

 So, how do I get a double-barreled shotgun with no particular historical value that I can trash by cutting the barrels short? And can they shoot slugs?

Watching the Cowboy Action shooters run a double barrel is a hoot. I wonder if you could take a short-barreled double to a tactical shotgun class. Doc Holliday used a double barrel coach gun at the OK Corral.  It would probably still work.

3 responses to “I wantses!

  1. Two words: Used Stoeger

  2. There’s a regular as the ZSA 3-gun matches that runs a side by side coach gun. He’s become very proficient with it!

  3. In the late 90’s I was shooting cowboy a lot, went to a three gun match at the Sawgrass range in S FL and took my “cowboy” guns. Stoeger DB 12, Rossi 45 colt lever and two Rugers in 45 colt. Came in 4th out of 30 or so, even up against a couple of full auto M-4’s and a MP5 ( and I don’t even shoot that well). It’s not the gun, but it is know the guns you use. Just got back from a SWAT competition and watched half the teams pistol shooters miss 6″x6″ metal targets at 7ft!