Chatham goes online for pistol purchase permits

While I would prefer that the State eliminate the old Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit requirement, this is a good step.

Chatham County has begun accepting online applications for handgun purchase permits, a move several North Carolina counties have made and Wake County is considering.

All handgun purchases, even exchanges between private individuals, require a permit in North Carolina. Sheriffs decide the rules for their counties, however, and buyers must typically apply at the sheriff’s office in person and then return to pick up the permit.

They are considering moving the CHP application process online as well.

This is a good idea. Forcing people to drive to the county courthouse twice just to get permission to purchase a pistol is a stupid waste of everyone’s time. You get the idea that some people would like it to be as difficult as possible to limit the number of people who buy handguns.

Check out their website to see if you live in one of the counties that accepts purchase permits online. Currently the counties that accept purchase permit applications are Mecklenburg, Jones, Moore, Union, Lincoln, and Chatham.

One response to “Chatham goes online for pistol purchase permits

  1. I wish this would happen in Guilford county, but alas, we have a “Sheriff for life” that I heard say “I don’t see no need for civilians to have so many guns”