She got no prison

At first, I was saddened. After what this mother did, I would have expected a lengthy stay in the Iron Bar Motel.

A South Carolina judge decided against prison time for a woman who left her newborn near death in the toilet of a sports arena after giving birth during the circus.

The 6 1/2-pound newborn baby was likely in the toilet for 90 minutes and was near death before he was found by a cleaning crew in the stall filled with blood and other gore. His head was barely above the water and his body temperature was 85 degrees, prosecutor Betty Strom said.

I would certainly agree that there are better punishments that could be administered. She should have been taken out back and beaten soundly with a 2×4 before being fed to the lions.

Sadly, she got a year’s home confinement instead.

One response to “She got no prison

  1. I would not doubt it that in NY there would probaly be a chance for her to get the baby back. Hopefully that will never happen.