They just never grow out of it

One would think that as you age you might grow out of those socially unacceptable behaviors of your youth. One man has decided that he’s not going to.

Police on Wednesday accused a 71-year-old man of trying to set fire to a house where his former girlfriend, their child and another child were staying.

Seventy-one and he still thinks that it’s appropriate to settle his differences with deadly force. What was he like in his youth?

A criminal record report submitted with the warrant for his arrest, however, shows that he was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Rhode Island in December 1969 and had been arrested in Providence the previous January on charges of murder and assault with intent to kill.

The records also show several other arrests by Providence and Rhode Island State Police after that, including a November 1990 charge of cocaine possession.

Sounds like we need to offer him secure accommodations until he dies. The rest of the world will be safer if we do.

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