It’s always someone you know

Gun grabbers tell us that you’re likely to know the person who kills you. I say that pretty much everyone knows some really bad people.

A Marion man is charged with murder after authorities say he forced his way into a home and fatally shot a man who was inside. Police say the shooting appears to be domestic-related.

Domestic related is probably code for “the person he shot was a rival for the affections of a woman.”


That’s how fast it can happen. Some criminal has the hots for your girl and decides that if he can’t have her, you won’t either.

Exit question. If we can’t keep guns out of the hands of a multiply convicted felon, drunk, and drug dealer, how do the gun grabbers propose to improve the situation by making it harder for me to get a gun?

2 responses to “It’s always someone you know

  1. In their rose tinted world, the bad guys WILL give up their guns without a fight… sigh

  2. Not to mention that whole “six degrees of separation” thing. Hell, I can link myself to Kim Jung Un in less than six people, and I have never been anywhere in Asia.