Michelle Dockery Monday: Happy Birthday Michelle edition

So official NC GunBlog Girlfriend, screen siren Michelle Dockery, is now 31 years old. That’s old, but only by idiotic Hollywood standards. I turn 43 here in a few days so by my standards she’s just now growing up.

Socialite Life (there is such a magazine?) has a series of photos of Michelle at the various red carpet affairs she’s been to in the last couple of years.

Two things, Michelle.

  1. Your publicist is still failing in his or her duties. I’m not getting regular updates about you, and I’m especially not getting any photos of you. Your publicist could be assured of getting a once a week mention of you in a major (well, kinda minor actually) and well-respected (I hope) English language sports related (shooting is a sport!) blog. This is crossover appeal territory. Getting your photo in fashion and “socialite” magazines is easy work. Getting your photo and info about your life in front of the men who might otherwise avoid your film and TV work is a coup of the first order. My email is on the page “Blog Policies including Reciprocal Links and email address.” Please have the publicist email the photos with me along with a photo release. I won’t violate other  people’s copyright.
  2. Stop by here before Christmas. We can celebrate our birthdays together. If you’ll pardon my saying, you look like you could use a few slices of cake.

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