Coloseum Software “Recants” Pledge

As reported at Days of Our Trailers and others, Coloseum Software asked for a one day, “Don’t Sell Guns” day in January. They have since “recanted.” I sent them email and received this response, posted in full.

ColoseumBacklash. That should tell you all you need to know about how the Newton School Shooting won’t change the essential calculus of the Gun Rights debate.  The gun grabbers whine and cry on TV and on Twitter, but the real economic pain is brought by gun owners.

I just don’t get it. Every time something bad happens we have one more self-Zumboing. You’d think that they would learn. Our rights are not up for sale, for trade, or even discussion.


2 responses to “Coloseum Software “Recants” Pledge

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  2. They want us ashamed and divided, Sean. It’s critical that we stand up now, right now.