Sounds like a good shoot to me

But he just had a machete! Why did he have to shoot him 7 times?

(Suspect) was inside a home at 572 Richardson Road when a deputy came to the front door, Hooker said. (Suspect) answered the door, still armed with the machete.

“The deputy took off running,” Hooker said.

Hooker said (Suspect) went after a second deputy at the scene, Damien King, and that King shot him twice. (Suspect) kept coming at King, and the deputy fired five more shots that all struck (Suspect) in the upper torso, Hooker said. (Suspect) died in the middle of Richardson Road.

I don’t know about you, but if someone was chasing me with a machete, I’d shoot him too.  But his family insists he was a good guy.

“(Suspect) wasn’t a bad guy. He was a loving guy,” Hooker said. “About an hour before all this happened, we were in the house joking around.”

And just an instant before he was shot, he was threatening to kill a Johnston County Deputy Sheriff. That seems more relevant to the situation.


Perhaps this incident wasn’t all that out of character for him. After a drunken argument, the suspect decided to get a rifle.

(Suspect) retrieved his rifle, but Hooker said he and another family member, (Family Member), 78, managed to wrest the weapon away from him.

So we have a convicted felon retrieving “his” rifle and only stopped from using it by an elderly family member who is himself a convicted criminal, if only a misdemeanant. Another family member says he was mentally disturbed.

(Suspect)’s aunt, (Aunt), who lives at 562 Richardson Road, said he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, though she wasn’t sure how long ago.

“He just came back home a year or two ago,” said Hocutt, 61. “He was living in different places. He would go to the Smithfield Mental Health Center to get his medicine.”

The family wishes it had turned out differently.

Hocutt said the family didn’t have any choice but to call 911 when (Suspect) started swinging the machete.

“We wanted them to help, but we didn’t want him killed,” she said.

I’ve got news for them. If this story is true then the deputy didn’t kill the suspect. The suspect killed himself. The deputy just carried the bullets for a while.

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  1. They are always “turning their life around”. They go to church 3 times a week. They are great fathers to all the children he’s fathered with every whore that will spread for him. These people disgust me.