Another murder that the gun grabbers will not investigate

The gun grabbers are too busy dancing in the blood of innocent children, trying to get guns banned, to pay attention to the far more numerous murders like this one.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged a man with murder after a shooting early Saturday in west Charlotte.

Another garden variety murder that the gun grabbers won’t bother to look further into.


They will rage on against the rights of people like you and me to own firearms while ignoring the fact that the large majority of murders are done one at a time by criminals. They’ll love to have another statistic to add to the list of dead bodies they blame you and me for, but they will never admit that the real problem is criminals murdering people as part of their business plan.

One response to “Another murder that the gun grabbers will not investigate

  1. Excellent point Sean… And no, they don’t care…