Well at least someone’s paying attention to Elliot Fineman (*Video*)

No one that can actually effect change, but at least someone‘s giving the anti-gun industry’s crazy aunt in the attic some attention.


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Listen to the whole thing. Watch how a news report is turned into a complete propaganda package. Lies, deceptive statements, ominous music.

According to the InfoBabe, we’re hiding behind “that Constitutional Right to bear arms.” I wonder how she would react to being confronted with information that doesn’t conform to her prejudices? Someone should tell Today presenter Georgie Gardner that if she’s going to interview the author of the failed Starbucks Boycott as some sort of expert, she might as well start interviewing third tier regional gun bloggers like me as balance.

But hey, Elliot Fineman finally found someone ignorant enough to put him on TV in the mistaken impression that he was a player in the gun debate. Today Australia, tomorrow Taiwan?

UPDATE: For extra added fun, you can reach The Today Show (Australia) on Twitter HERE. You can also tell Georgie Gardner exactly what you think of her hatchet job HERE. Feel free to forward this link. Like I said, if they are willing to interview a complete non-entity like Elliot Fineman, they should be willing to interview me.

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