Your daily dose of concentrated “WTF?”

Penn Jillette is a great magician. He also has quite a reputation for being an atheist and a libertarian.

Via Chris at Arma Borealis, we have this


 I will never understand how he was able to keep his cool. I think I would have spent the whole show screaming at the women for being unthinking, irrational idiots.

Maybe David French is right. We inhabit parallel universes. They think gun control is cost free, we think it’s benefit free. Once again we’re wrong because the Left can’t understand us and doesn’t want to. Once again we’re to shut up and do what we’re told.

3 responses to “Your daily dose of concentrated “WTF?”

  1. Penn keeps his cool because he’s an atheist, but a strong supporter of proselytizing.

    He knows that preaching to the choir is bullshit, and to get good work done you need to talk to people who disagree with you…and through them their audiences.

    He knows what he’s doing, and he does it well!

    And those birds are CRAZY!

  2. I have long been a Penn Jillete fan, but the restraint, and elegance with which he combated the ignorance at that table, amazed me. I would probably have ripped that “bubble-headed-bleach-blonde” (as Don Henely put it) a new one, when she starts the “conversation” building the straw-man of easily converted machineguns. Then proceeds to thrash said straw-man using the “hunters don’t need machineguns” meme. He never once raised his voice, or interrupted another speaker, and when he was interrupted he allowed the rude, ignorant interrupter to finish before refuting their lies. I pray someday to have that kind of self control.

  3. WOW never heard Penn Jillete speak before I think I actually have a celebrity I admire finally someone willing to actually stop the madness in the media/celebrity world about blaming EVERYTHING except the INDIVIDUAL. Amazing.