Who shoots a cop?

The gun grabbers will blame us for this one too.

Police who responded to the shooting of a fellow officer late Tuesday morning in North Durham surrounded a nearby apartment building with a heavily armed SWAT team and investigated an abandoned vehicle in the neighborhood before the suspect peacefully turned himself in to authorities in another part of town.

We tend to get upset when people shoot at cops. It’s immoral and illegal to shoot any innocent person, but it’s also an affront to the dignity of society to shoot the people we place in our uniform. Police represent us. They are paid by us to do our job of keeping the peace. They are our employees. That’s why we go insane when one of our employees forgets that he is our servant and not our master. It’s also why we get so mad when some scumbag shoots at one.


The gun grabbers will ignore the fact that this would-be cop killer was already a known criminal. They will pretend that our employees have more to fear from us than they do from the people we send them out to police.

Can we at least get the criminal a LONG prison sentence this time? It’s the least we could do for the cop who took a bullet.

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