Now we see the violence inherent in the system

About a week ago I posted a story about “Felon Seeking Bullets.” The Raleigh Police have unraveled the story and arrested their suspects

 Two men arrested on drug-possession charges 10 minutes after and three miles away from where a man was shot outside the Carlton Place Apartments now are accused of assault, robbery and conspiracy in that case, and another man is accused of being their getaway driver.

So it looks pretty straightforward. The two of them are accused of shooting the victim and robbing him of $2,000.

Suspect 1


Isn’t it surprising how often it’s a felon doing the shooting? It’s almost as if crime isn’t random at all. People breaking the law selling drugs can’t go to the police or the courts to solve their disagreements so they shoot and rob each other instead. This sort of environment would select for and reward people who were vicious, ruthless, and lack empathy towards their fellow man. People who hesitated to hurt others to get their way would lose to those who didn’t hesitate.

I think that the best solution for everyone is to legalize drugs. I keep telling people that Jim Beam and Jack Daniels don’t shoot each other or hijack each others trucks. The only reason that drug dealers do that is because we’ve pushed the entire drug trade outside the law leaving it to the psychos who thing that sort of behavior is appropriate.

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