So I guess we need to discuss costs

So DiFi wants to “buy” my AR?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said that she and other gun control advocates are considering a law that would create a program to purchase weapons from gun owners, a proposal that could be compulsory.

I guess that means we need to discuss what my AR (and yours) will cost her and her minions. I hope she doesn’t think my saying it will cost rivers of blood and oceans of tears is some sort of hyperbole.

There is no question that the local police could easily sneak up on me while I am sleeping and take me by surprise. The problem is not the initial gun grab. It’s the bloody aftermath. I suspect that some of the police agencies are making some calculations. They will have to calculate how much they want to keep their jobs and their lives.

Once something like a mass gun grab starts, each and every police officer will become a target. And that’s sad, really. I kind of like my police chief. He’s a cop, and prone to the sort “cop attitude” that they all get, but a likeable enough fellow in his own way. If we can’t get through this crisis with our Constitution intact, I certainly hope that he and his agency have the strength of character to abide by their oaths. If he remembers his oath he will have nothing to fear from the citizens.

The people like DiFi had better hope they do. Because while the immediate targets would be the enforcers, the very next targets would be the people giving the orders. And you can bet that while these order givers will have security, some of that security will turn out to be on our side.

5 responses to “So I guess we need to discuss costs

  1. Need to discuss the messengers, too. Part of the reason that our message is less popular than the gun control message is that the MSM frames the message. As the world’s Muslims have shown, though, the MSM is willing to adjust that message when negative reinforcement is received.

  2. robertsgunshop

    Most cops won’t be a issue. There might be a few that think it’s a good idea. Most of the military will be on our side, or at least leave us alone. Most of the higher ups have already made it know that they will not order their troops to disarm Americans.

    Other than arms and ammo, maybe we should be stocking up on rope too.

  3. I don’t think that most of the cops will be an issue either. They have two real choices. Support us because we are right and they swore an oath, or support us because if they don’t they will get shot down like dogs. I’d prefer the former. I’ll take the latter if that’s all I can get.

    As for rope, I don’t think it will be necessary. I doubt it will ever be necessary to fight over this. If it never comes to warfare, there’s no reason to go after the traitors. I want DiFi and her cronies to die of old age knowing that they failed.

  4. robertsgunshop

    Yeah, but there is something about the image of Fineswine swinging from a lamp post.

  5. Well, if she makes it necessary, I will have no objection. Luckily for all concerned, she is unlikely to start an actual shooting war.

    They say that people who have a problem with something can either get over it or die with it on their mind. I have high hopes that she will die of old age with her last though being, “Damn it. We failed. We weren’t able to take away their rights!”