Ignore the Constitution and look at the practical reasons

Yes, I said to ignore the Constitution.

People have First Amendment rights. They can pretty much say whatever they like about whatever they want. I’m cool with that. In fact, I’m pretty proud of that. But let’s ignore the Constitutional argument and just look at the practical argument.

Much has been made about the petition campaign to deport Piers Morgan.

As far as I’m concerned, we need to keep him right where he is, reminding American firearm owners with his outrageous disarmament advocacy just exactly why we had a Lexington and Concord in 1775.


Of course he has the right to be a complete and total douche bag. Even complete and total douche bags have Constitutional rights. But beyond that, by being exactly who he is, Piers Morgan is providing us a service. He’s reminding us of why our forefathers shot the Kings men and sent his officers home.

Most anti-gun people are sophisticated enough to avoid outright calls for citizen disarmament. They know that calls for gun bans cause the rest of us to get mad and fight. Piers Morgan, not being from around here, says openly what the gun grabbers are thinking. He screams and shouts from his well defended ivory tower, compounding stupidity with sneering condescension. He has turned himself into the perfect representation of everything that regular Americans hate while at the same time dragging the gun grabbers out from under the rocks into the light.

Regular Americans get pissed off when someone claims to be their moral superior. Regular Americans get a bit upset when obvious foreigners lecture us about how much better it is overseas. Piers Morgan has managed to hit all the buttons at once. Probably because he’s so busy being culturally superior that he hasn’t even bothered to learn anything at all about American culture. He probably doesn’t even think we have a culture.

So yes, let’s ignore the fact that Piers Morgan has a Constitutional right to be a complete and total douche bag. From a practical standpoint he is the gun grabbers worst enemy. We should let him stay just for that reason.

7 responses to “Ignore the Constitution and look at the practical reasons

  1. I want him gone for an entirely unrelated reason.

    You want to live here forever, you have to join up. If you’re not on a path to becoming a citizen, your visit should be clearly defined in duration and short.

    That’s on top of being a foreigner telling me how to run my own damn country. He wants a say in how we do things, he can renounce his British citizenship and join up.

  2. I can’t agree with that. My mother came here in the very early 60’s. She only took her citizenship in 1995.

    I understand you, but I don’t agree with you.

  3. And that, Mr. Sorrentino, is why you’re a class act.

  4. Poison is poison — whether ingested in large quantities immediately or small portions over time; it still kills the organism. Please send this poison back to the bottle from which it came.

  5. Why’d she wait so long?

    Would she have gotten her citizenship sooner if it had been required?

    My angst is far more driven by large number of foreign celebrities ranting about how messed up America is while living here on an essentially permanent basis. In effect they want us to fix it for them to their liking.

    My tar brush might be a tad too wide…

  6. It’s not really my story to tell.

    I would keep in mind that foreign celebutards spouting off don’t constitute even a large minority of resident foreign aliens. And honestly, who cares? They can’t vote.

    My issue is how quick so many Americans are to look up to others because they happen to have a posh accent. I guess my long experience with an accent (for some reason Americans view Scottish accents as posh) has made me immune to that.

    People from out of this country need to be made aware of the fact that we have a culture, it grew the way it did because we wanted it that way, and their failure to understand us does not make them right and us wrong.

  7. I care that their stupid opinions seem to carry such massive weight with people who do vote. Perhaps my irritation should be directed at the morons.

    You’re dead on. They don’t understand our culture. The ones who do aren’t a problem.