How do they know each other?

You start to wonder what criteria criminals use for victim selection. Take this one, for example.

All three are accused of trying to rob (Victim) on Sunday in a room at the Quality Inn on Jim Johnson Road, off Exit 49 on Interstate 95, Davis said.

(Suspect 3) had just left (Victim)’s room when, moments later, (Suspect 1) and (Suspect 2) Walker burst through the door that had been left ajar, police said.

(Suspect 1) pulled out a knife, but (Victim) grabbed the blade and got the knife away from him.

Despite the cuts on his hands, (Victim) stabbed both men, who ran away, Davis said.

Why was he targeted? If he was from the area, why was he at the hotel?

Suspect 1

Suspect 3


I will leave it to you to speculate how this all came about. I will say that it seems amazing to me that two convicted felons managed to find another felon to try to rob.

For those who wonder how I found the victim despite his extremely common name, I looked at the initial police report provided online by the Fayetteville Police. The case number is 2012043479 on the date 12-23-2012.

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