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Who shoots a cop?

The gun grabbers will blame us for this one too.

Police who responded to the shooting of a fellow officer late Tuesday morning in North Durham surrounded a nearby apartment building with a heavily armed SWAT team and investigated an abandoned vehicle in the neighborhood before the suspect peacefully turned himself in to authorities in another part of town.

We tend to get upset when people shoot at cops. It’s immoral and illegal to shoot any innocent person, but it’s also an affront to the dignity of society to shoot the people we place in our uniform. Police represent us. They are paid by us to do our job of keeping the peace. They are our employees. That’s why we go insane when one of our employees forgets that he is our servant and not our master. It’s also why we get so mad when some scumbag shoots at one.


The gun grabbers will ignore the fact that this would-be cop killer was already a known criminal. They will pretend that our employees have more to fear from us than they do from the people we send them out to police.

Can we at least get the criminal a LONG prison sentence this time? It’s the least we could do for the cop who took a bullet.

Let me show you my shocked face

Imagine that you see a man beating a woman on the side of the road. What would you do?

Police said a man was striking a woman beside a car that was stopped in the middle of the road when at least two people came over to help.

One of the Good Samaritans, a female, went to restrain the man. But police said the man reached for a gun in his waistband and fired it as the witnesses tried to back away.

The woman who had been restraining the suspect was shot in the leg. She was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

So, was it another example of road rage? Of blood on the streets attributable directly to North Carolina’s loose system for giving anyone a Concealed Handgun Permit?


Or is it another criminal treating the people around him the same way he has always treated the people around him?

Mecklenburg County records show it is at least the 13th arrest for (Suspect) in the last 2 1/2 years.

Somehow I don’t think that the gun grabbers will be able to pin this one on us. They’ll certainly try. For extra added HateRage, read the comments.

WRAL tries, mostly succeeds (*Video*)

In a breath of fresh air, WRAL “Multimedia Reporter” Mark Binker tries to explain the complex web of laws that you and I deal with every day.


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It’s a breath of fresh air because almost all gun discussion on the mass media avoids using facts. They media spends most of the time trying to ignore the fact that most of what they ask to be illegal is already illegal. There can be no other reason that gun grabbers spend so much time trying to tell us that machine guns should be illegal. Umm, guys… National Firearms Act? Ever heard of it?

Poor Mark ran into the wall of information and honestly did his best to explain the laws. Unfortunately, whenever an outsider tries to explain something, insiders quickly see all the flaws. I want to tease him about it, but then I try to imagine myself (not a car racing fan) trying to explain the rules of NASCAR to anyone and I realize what he’s up against. Luckily, I have Mark’s email address. You might remember Mark as the person primarily responsible for posting the (mostly) redacted NC Concealed Handgun Permit database online.

If you read the WRAL piece before, read it again. You’ll see that many of the errors are corrected. Originally he fell afoul of the whole “clip” vs. “magazine” issue. He was also under the misapprehension that you couldn’t carry a gun where alcohol is sold. It’s actually where it is sold AND consumed. As I told him, it’s perfectly legal to carry a gun to the convenience store to buy the beer you’re going to take home to drink. He was also told by the Attorney General’s office that short barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns are against the law in North Carolina.

I used the email address I had and to my surprise I got a fairly quick response. He changed out the “clip” for “magazine,” corrected the sold and consumed, and after some back and forth added a bit that explained that federally registered SBRs, SBSs, and silencers were legal in NC.

There’s one part that I’m still not happy about.

Practically speaking, the federal government tried to outlaw “assault weapons,” those that serve no purpose other than killing people, in 1994.

Mark, are you kidding me? Are you really trying to tell me that

  1. My AR-15 serves no purpose other than killing someone, and
  2. That killing someone with my AR is not a valid purpose?

This kind of editorializing has no place in what should be a straight news story. First off, it’s just plain wrong. An AR is the single most popular rifle sold in America. It’s used in competitions of all sorts, from local “Zombie shoots” all the way up to the rarefied competitive level of the President’s Rifle Match. The AR is a perfectly acceptable hunting rifle, though why people think that only hunting rifles are acceptable escapes me.

But most of all, saying that a rifle is primarily a tool to kill someone doesn’t make it a bad thing. My rifle is set up so that I can use it for home and short range defense. My suspicion is that if I put two or three rounds from my AR in the high center chest area of a home invader, he is unlikely to survive. This does not impugn the rifle, or me, in any way.

Overall grade for Mark’s effort is B. Mark got a lot of information correct, and he was willing to correct his info when he was told it was wrong. That counts for a lot. Unfortunately, that piece of really egregious editorializing knocks him out of the A range.

Mark, when you’re ready to learn about gun owners, let me know. You have my email. We’ll take my AR to the range. Have you seen the fantastic range that Wake County built for us?

Your daily dose of concentrated “WTF?”

Penn Jillette is a great magician. He also has quite a reputation for being an atheist and a libertarian.

Via Chris at Arma Borealis, we have this


 I will never understand how he was able to keep his cool. I think I would have spent the whole show screaming at the women for being unthinking, irrational idiots.

Maybe David French is right. We inhabit parallel universes. They think gun control is cost free, we think it’s benefit free. Once again we’re wrong because the Left can’t understand us and doesn’t want to. Once again we’re to shut up and do what we’re told.

Shooting in the town (my the town) solved

Garner is not really noted for its violent crime rates, but there have been two shootings in the last month. The first, a murder just half a mile from here isn’t yet solved. The one from Thursday afternoon is.

Police have charged three people with numerous felonies in connection with a robbery and shooting of a man at his home Thursday afternoon.

Apparently, the criminals wanted to take a cell phone from someone. What kind of people break into another person’s house and shoot him over a cell phone?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Color me surprised. Or not.

Well at least someone’s paying attention to Elliot Fineman (*Video*)

No one that can actually effect change, but at least someone‘s giving the anti-gun industry’s crazy aunt in the attic some attention.


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Listen to the whole thing. Watch how a news report is turned into a complete propaganda package. Lies, deceptive statements, ominous music.

According to the InfoBabe, we’re hiding behind “that Constitutional Right to bear arms.” I wonder how she would react to being confronted with information that doesn’t conform to her prejudices? Someone should tell Today presenter Georgie Gardner that if she’s going to interview the author of the failed Starbucks Boycott as some sort of expert, she might as well start interviewing third tier regional gun bloggers like me as balance.

But hey, Elliot Fineman finally found someone ignorant enough to put him on TV in the mistaken impression that he was a player in the gun debate. Today Australia, tomorrow Taiwan?

UPDATE: For extra added fun, you can reach The Today Show (Australia) on Twitter HERE. You can also tell Georgie Gardner exactly what you think of her hatchet job HERE. Feel free to forward this link. Like I said, if they are willing to interview a complete non-entity like Elliot Fineman, they should be willing to interview me.

You picked the wrong house

Tuesday morning at 1am is not the time to come calling.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say an off-duty officer shot at a man who was trying to break into his home early Tuesday.

The would-be home invader kicked on the door a bit until the owner, an off duty cop, convinced him to leave. By shooting at him.


Note what the story says. He was charged not only with the attempted burglary, but with felon in possession of a firearm.

Not much question as to what he was up to at 1am kicking doors in, is there?

How murderous is the USA anyway? or Piers Morgan really is racist!

Miguel points out that the USA is listed 108th in intentional homicide rate. He points out that for Piers Morgan to say

“And you have by far the worst rate of gun murder and gun crime of any of the civilized countries in this world.”

It’s both disingenuous AND racist. Let’s look at the Wiki page “List of Countries by Intentional Homicide Rate.” Taking that data, organizing it and turning it into a bar graph we get this.

Murder Rate Overall

See that little red circle? That’s “murderous” USA compared to everyone else. We barely beat out Turkmenistan for 108th place.

That graph is hard to see, so here’s all the graphs.

Countries with homicide rates 20 or above per 100K

 Murder Rate above 20

Countries with homicide rates 10 to <20 per 100K

Murder Rate 10 to 20

Countries with homicide rates 5 to <10 per 100K

Murder Rate 5 to 10

Countries with homicide rates 2 to <5 per 100K

Murder Rate 2 to 5

Countries with homicide rates 1 to <2 per 100K

Murder Rate 1 to 2

Countries with homicide rates <1 per 100K

Murder Rate 0 to 1

I’ve helpfully colored in the USA at 4.2 murders per 100K. You should also bear in mind that our rate of 4.2 is not just murder, but murder and non-negligent homicide. It’s an entirely different discussion when we start comparing how different countries report their data. (TL/DR version: Japan lies as a matter of police procedure)

Piers Morgan is being disingenuous when he points solely to “gun murder” and “gun crime.” We as Americans don’t care if a murder is committed with a gun or a knife, or with “personal weapons.” Dead is dead. I’ll be happy to accept 4.2 per 100K rather than worse in 107 other countries.

Piers Morgan is also a racist when he says that any country with worse murder rates is not civilized. Like Miguel says, perhaps Piers longs for the days of British Imperialism, where Englishmen went abroad to force other “uncivilized” nations to be more like (Formerly Great) Britain.

Let’s take Piers Morgan EXACTLY at his word. He only wants to talk about GUN murder. Here’s a graph of the Wiki data from “List of Countries by Firearm Death Rates.” I’ve organized it by firearm homicide rate, highest to lowest.

Murder Rate Guns

For those of you who can’t read tiny print, let me make a list of all the “Uncivilized” countries that Piers Morgan dismisses.

  1. El Salvador
  2.  Jamaica
  3.  Honduras
  4.  Guatemala
  5.  Swaziland
  6.  Colombia
  7.  Brazil
  8.  Panama
  9.  Mexico
  10.  Philippines
  11.  Paraguay
  12.  Nicaragua
  13.  Zimbabwe
  14.  Costa Rica
  15.  Uruguay
  16.  Argentina
  17.  Barbados
  18.  United States

Hell, some of those places are so civilized that rich white folks go there on vacation.

Near as I can tell, the majority of these countries they are modern representative democracies.There are a few hell holes on the list, but taken as a whole, the only difference between most of these countries and the USA is the fact that the USA is majority white. So when he says we have the worst “Gun Murder” and worst “Gun Crime” rates of any “Civilized” nation, what he’s really saying is that we’re the worst in that category for “white” nations. He sees civilization strictly in terms of race. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

I dare Piers Morgan to go to each of these countries embassies and tell them that he thinks that they are “uncivilized.” If he’d film it, his network would be able to make Super Bowl level advertising rates on his program. Everyone would tune in to watch an annoying racist prick get his ass kicked.

Two robberies, two guns, two felons

Wow. They come so fast and furious that the News and Observer won’t even take the time to write two separate stories.

Two suspects have been arrested in separate armed robberies that occurred Sunday morning. 

Get that? To completely unrelated armed robberies in one morning in Durham.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Felons aren’t allowed to have guns, but both of these two clowns had them. We’re supposed to stop clinging to our guns and religion, leaving our safety in the hands of a state that can’t keep guns out of the hands of two people who have more felony convictions between them than I have pairs of underwear?

I’d tell them what I think but I forgot to put a language warning on this post.

Guns in North Carolina Classrooms (*Video*)

This post will be in two parts. First the straight news.

Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone did an interview with WTVD-11 Raleigh presenting the idea that teachers should be allowed to carry concealed in classrooms. Strangely it’s not the usual hatchet job.


 (RSS Readers click HERE for video)

You know my opinion. When the next (and there WILL be a next) mass murderer shows up at a school, I want him to catch a bullet. I don’t particularly care if he catches a bullet from a uniformed police officer, a concealed carrying teacher, or some gang banger who happens to be at the right place at the right time. I want him to eat lead.

Now to the second part. (Rant alert, Language Warnings in effect)

Who the fuck does Rosa Gill think she is talking to? Does she think we are all stupid? How the hell could an armed teacher “add to the chaos” of a school shooting? Let’s look at this logically. We have two options.

Option One, the Rosa Gill option: The mass murdering asshole shows up with a gun and proceeds to mow down children and adults until he runs out of ammo, runs out of targets, or runs out of patience. Total body count limited only by his imagination and his endurance. When the cops show up or he just gets tired of killing he shoots himself. Afterwards the mass media spends weeks telling everyone every single detail of his life turning him into a sick famous anti-hero.

Option Two, the Sane option: Every person who even thinks about mowing down school children has to worry that he might get shot dead before he really gets started. Instead of being free to slaughter with impunity, he has to worry that as soon as he gets started he might get shot. He has to worry that he will die and the only mention he will get is a footnote in the story while the teacher, principal, guidance counselor, or janitor spends a week being a national hero.

Let’s be fucking real here. My gun is a .45ACP Springfield XD. I carry it with 10+1 with a spare 13 round magazine. For those whose math skills are as bad as Rosa Gill’s logic skills, that adds up to 24 rounds. If I was to haul out my pistol and fire every single round and every single round hit and killed a person I still couldn’t kill as many people as that disgusting creature killed in Newton. It is not humanly possible for me to have increased the chaos.

Let’s look at what’s really going on here.

Now, there’s this about cynicism, Sergeant. It’s the universe’s most supine moral position. Real comfortable. If nothing can be done, then you’re not some kind of shit for not doing it, and you can lie there and stink to yourself in perfect peace

Miles Vorkosigan, Borders of Infinity, by Lois McMaster Bujold

This is why the Left hates guns with a screaming passion. If you and I can use a gun to make the world a safer place, then so can they. Yet people like Rosa Gill are too scared to take any responsibility for their own safety or for the safety of the children in their class. Rather than confront their own cynicism and cowardice they loudly proclaim that YOU are the problem. They demand that we accept that NOTHING can be done to cover up for the fact that they know in their hearts that THEY are too scared to lift a finger to defend their children.

We know what the Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary did. We know that she paid with her life for our calculated decision to ban her and people like her from carrying a gun. She probably never even thought of it before that fateful day. She might have even been violently against guns. But I want you to imagine that you had the ability to stop time 2 seconds after she realized what was going on in her school. If you had the ability to stop time, offer her a gun, and tell her how to use it against the killer, do you honestly think she would have turned you down? Can you imagine her saying “nope, no guns. I’d prefer that the children died and I die with them?”

Fuck no.

UPDATE: Grass Roots North Carolina need financial assistance to keep the fight going for gun rights in North Carolina. If you’d like to help out, here’s the donations and membership link. Tell them you liked Paul’s message.

Second UPDATE: News Channel 14 Carolina follows up with another interview


I like what Paul says at the end.

“We are trying to give educators something better than their bodies to shield students from bullets,”

 Damn right we are.