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Didn’t he know that schools are “Gun Free Zones™”

Kid in a Raleigh high school got caught with a gun today.

An Athens Drive High School student was caught at school with a handgun today, according to Raleigh police.

A school resource officer with the Raleigh Police Department discovered the gun while investigating a theft, according to a letter to parents from William Crockett, the school’s principal.

“While there was never a direct threat of harm to anyone, bringing a weapon to school is a very serious offense,” Crockett wrote.

They will likely update the article soon. I’ve got the press release from the Raleigh Police. It’s not posted electronically, so I can’t link it.

Officials at Athens Drive High School and the Raleigh Police Department’s school resource officer assigned to the school were conducting a follow-up investigation that stemmed from a disturbance in the cafeteria this morning.

During the course of that follow-up work, a student at the school, (Suspect) (DOB 7/11/95), was found to be in possession of a handgun and was taken into custody by the SRO. The gun had not been reported to have been displayed by the suspect or reported to have been involved in any incident at the school today.

(Suspect) was transported to the Wake County Jail and was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a gun on educational property, possession of a stolen firearm, resisting delaying or obstructing a law enforcement officer, and possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana.

The investigation of the incident is continuing.

So what sort of person brings a gun to school


17 years old and already convicted of, and on probation for, a Class 1 Misdemeanor Larceny conviction. 

Good thing there was an armed guard on the school. Too bad we can’t have one guarding the smaller children.

Why do I need a gun?

Because I might happen to live in a house where a gang member used to live.

The (Victims) were the unintended victims of a shooting that targeted a member of the VDM gang, an acronym for Very Dangerous Mexicans, investigator E.A. Welch stated in the search warrant. The intended target was (Intended Victim), a member of VDM who once lived at the Mendoza’s address with (Girlfriend).

This was just outside the Town limits in unincorporated Wake County, exactly 3 road miles from here.

The two thugs shot the place to pieces. One of the suspects’ girlfriend was arrested for possession of a weapon of mass destruction, which basically means she had a machine gun. They haven’t said it was one of the murder weapons, but they have been hinting at it. She’s on an immigration hold.

We can’t keep PEOPLE out of this country. These people have guns I can’t buy legally, yet my AR is a threat?

They can go to hell.

Going backwards on Concealed Carry Reciprocity?

Under House Bill 650, passed 2 years ago, North Carolina went to Universal Reciprocity.  That means that if you possess a valid Concealed Handgun Permit, or equivalent, from ANY state, you may carry concealed in North Carolina. I was very pleased to see this pass into law.

Now one State Senator is trying to go backwards.


AN ACT to provide that concealed handgun permits obtained by nonresidents of the state issuing the permit are not valid in North Carolina.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. G.S. 14‑415.24 reads as rewritten:

“§ 14‑415.24. Reciprocity; out‑of‑state handgun permits.

(a) A valid concealed handgun permit or license issued by another state is valid in North Carolina.Carolina, except as otherwise provided in this section.

(b) Repealed by Session Laws 2011‑268, s. 22(a), effective December 1, 2011.

(c) Every 12 months after the effective date of this subsection, the Department of Justice shall make written inquiry of the concealed handgun permitting authorities in each other state as to: (i) whether a North Carolina resident may carry a concealed handgun in their state based upon having a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit and (ii) whether a North Carolina resident may apply for a concealed handgun permit in that state based upon having a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit. The Department of Justice shall attempt to secure from each state permission for North Carolina residents who hold a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun in that state, either on the basis of the North Carolina permit or on the basis that the North Carolina permit is sufficient to permit the issuance of a similar license or permit by the other state.

(d) A concealed handgun permit issued by a state to a person who is not a resident of that state shall not be valid in North Carolina. The permit holder’s address, as shown on a current drivers license, or other form of government issued identification that includes a photograph, shall be prima facie evidence of the permit holder’s state of residence.”

SECTION 2. This act is effective when it becomes law and shall apply to all concealed handgun permits issued on or after the effective date. 

A quick reminder, when reading proposed bills, they write out the old law. Then they use strikeouts to show you the words they are deleting and underlines to show you the words they want to add.

This bill is designed to do one thing. It’s designed to ban the use of Non-Resident concealed permits. Let’s say you live in Anti-Gun territory, like New Jersey or Illinois. You can’t get a concealed permit of any kind for love or money. So you apply for and are granted a Florida or Utah permit. This allows you to carry concealed in all the states that accept that permit. Now Senator Bingham wants to take that away.

I would like you to call Stan Bingham (GRNC 4 Star!) and ask him what the heck he thinks he’s doing. We’ve got the best reciprocity in the US. Our CHPs, due to their unreasonably high training standards, are valid in something like 36 other states. We accept ALL other permits. What’s the problem with that?

Please call Stan Bingham at (919) 733-5665 and (336) 859-0999. Tell him to leave our reciprocity alone. Tell him that he got a 4 Star GRNC rating by being a friend to gun owners, not by trying to stab them in the back.

A dog returns to his vomit

Or at least, a robber returns to the scene of the crime to commit the same crime again.

Police say a man who robbed a convenience store Monday night is the same person who robbed it less than two weeks ago.

Not smart.


Drugs make you stupid.

More imported criminals

The problem with robbery is that you’re awful limited in your choices. You can rob the easy targets, but they rarely have much money. Or you can rob the places that have money, but they generally have better security which leads to higher chances of arrest.

Police said Monday that one person was in custody and they were searching for two others in connection with a Cary jewelry store robbery.

So what do we know about our first suspect?

(Suspect 1), 41, of Philadelphia, was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Pennsylvania didn’t control him. I guess it’s up to us.

Durham drive by suspect caught

The victim is still in the hospital, but the suspect is in jail.

Police have arrested a man in connection with a drive-by shooting in Durham.

The shooting happened on January 22nd, and 6 days later he’s in jail.


It looks like he’s familiar with being in jail.

Sadly it was not gunfire that attracted police

Alert police arrested a man in Fayetteville

Police charged a Fayetteville man Sunday with second-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after responding to the sound of a woman screaming near near the intersection of Skibo and Raeford roads.

Unfortunately they arrived to find the attacker alive and not dead from gunshot wounds.


How very unsurprising.

At least no gun was used

Here’s another murder that the gun grabbers will ignore. They won’t be able to use this murder to take my gun away, so they won’t care about it.

A Fayetteville man was arrested Friday in the August beating death of 36-year-old (Victim).

(Suspect), 26, of the 1000 block of Cain Road, was charged with first-degree murder and faces an unrelated charge of failure to appear. He is being held without bail.

I’m sure it was a comfort to the murdered man that no one shot him.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2


The victim is just as dead, though.

Why do Leftists hate cheap energy?

Let’s imagine that we could smash a couple of atoms together, crack them, and make electricity. Or throw up a big wall in front of a river, run the water through a turbine and make electricity. Or pump some water into the ground, crack the rock, and extract enough clean burning natural gas to cut the price from $13 per 1,000 cubic feet to about $3. Why wouldn’t we.

Oh, wait, we already can do all of these things.

I guess my question is, why is it that every time we try to exploit an energy source the same Leftist suspects freak the hell out? It doesn’t seem to matter what the source is, from coal to natural gas. It’s always a bad deal.

I’m starting to think that the real problem isn’t the problem they complain about, the environment. Anyone with half a brain and one functioning eye could see that poor energy starved countries are far rougher on their environment. No, I think the real problem is that the usual suspects just don’t want us to have cheap energy.

Didn’t human hater Paul Erlich say “Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun“?

There has to be a reason.

Targeting the elderly

I guess being 55 years old himself, he knows how vulnerable the elderly are.

An Apex man was arrested late Thursday in a string of robberies and assaults targeting the elderly that date to August, police said.

His charge sheet includes everything from robbery to kidnapping to attempted rape.


He’s been a felon since before the Bicentennial. He’s got more time in prison than I have in formal education and military service combined. He hasn’t learned yet and he’s isn’t going to.

The sad thing is that it’s very possible that he’ll be out of prison again before he dies of old age.