I didn’t vote, but I’m celebrating anyway!

It looks like he was free in time to vote, but probably wasn’t allowed to. It’s not hard to tell who he’d have voted for given the chance.

Wearing a baseball cap over a toboggan with “Obama ’08” on it, the robber pulled a broken bottle from his pocket and threatened to harm the employee if she didn’t comply, Nelson said. The robber forced her into a closet, shut the door and told her he would return and hurt her if she came out or called authorities.

Why couldn’t he have voted?


He’s been in prison since before George W. Bush’s reelection and he’s been a felon so long that the last time he could have voted would have been for Mondale.

Let’s not let him out this time.

2 responses to “I didn’t vote, but I’m celebrating anyway!

  1. Sean, I have some bad news for you. The liberals that used to control this state restored felons voting about 5 years ago. As long as the perp has completed his active sentence, paid any fines or restitution and is no longer under post release supervision like probation or parole (we do still have parole in NC for convicts sentenced before the so-called “end” of parole.) then a felon can vote.

    Interestingly enough, the Leftists never mentioned restoring a felons other right.

  2. I’m glad he didn’t vote.