Only 8 homicides in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is proud of the fact that they’ve cut their homicide numbers in half in the last year. Judging by the handy chart, it’s dropped a lot since 2007 when it was 26, more than three times higher.

Winston-Salem had eight homicides in 2012, the lowest number since at least 1947, police said this week. 

What’s really strange is that according to the story, two of the homicides are “justified.”

Two of the eight homicides were determined to be justified. Detective Mike Poe of the Winston-Salem Police Department killed Dallas Antwan Conner, 29, on Aug. 17, when Conner pulled a pistol-grip shotgun and attempted to rob Kevin Powell Motorsports on University Parkway. Coe was at the store shopping during his lunch break.

Winston-Salem police also determined that James Wartefus Samuels fatally shot Anthony Alphonzo McArthur when McArthur attacked Samuels with an 18-inch sword. The assault happened after McArthur became upset over the amount of marijuana he got from Samuels, authorities said.

So if they were justified, why were they counted at all? Why in the world would you even consider counting the one where a cop shot a shotgun wielding robber? They act like justifiable homicide is something to be ashamed of.

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