Run out and buy this book

Do you like a good story? Can you read? Then you owe it to yourself to get a copy of “A Sailor of Austria” by John Biggins.


sailor of austria

It’s the fictional story of an Austrian U-Boat commander during WWI. I didn’t know Austria-Hungary had a navy. I didn’t know that the Austro-Hungarian Navy had U-Boats. And I had no idea what the end of the war looked like from their perspective. It’s a rare book of fiction that leaves you thinking you know a bit more about the world after you’ve read it.

I have no idea who recommended it, but thanks. Pick it up on Amazon. I can’t think of any higher praise for a book than to recommend that you buy it. Anyone who writes a story like that should get paid.

Update: Robert, in comments below reminds me that it was Tam who blogged about it back around Thanksgiving of 2011. Apparently it was NJT who told her about this book.

6 responses to “Run out and buy this book

  1. The you should also read the real thing:

    The war diary of Georg von Trapp(yes – that von Trapp). A very interesting look inside the Austrian Navy.

  2. Tam linked it a long time ago (at least a year, maybe 2). I’ve had a copy for a long time now that I found at a library book sale. Good story. The saddest part of the story for me was how the decorations he won became nothing but little pieces of worthless cloth at the end of the war. Nowadays, of course, the old medals have value again because of scarcity, but no symbolic value. If you were a teacher in South Carolina you could throw one on the floor and stomp on it as an object lesson, as a SC teacher did with the US flag.

  3. @Robert: yep, I looked it up and it was Tam who recommended it after reading it on a recommendation from NJT. Post updated.

  4. The other books in that series are good too, I like the Emperor’s Colored Coat.

  5. Arrgh. … and the Two Headed Eagle.

  6. All three of the books are excellent. Interesting stories and waking great reads