Well armed scofflaws make mockery of gun control

Reason explains how gun control has failed everywhere. Wholly aside from gun control’s failure to  reduce crime, gun control has entirely failed to control guns.

That said, the underlying point of all of this evidence of extremely well-armed scofflaws around the world is this: the scofflaws’ motivations don’t matter; agreement with their reasoning doesn’t matter; sharing or even respecting their values is entirely irrelevant. All that matters is that, from one country to the next, across barriers of language and culture, government officials in even the most benign, stable democracies that have attempted to disarm their subjects, or to limit the weapons available for legal ownership, or even to do no more than track gun owners and register guns, have run into overwhelming resistance. Mass defiance has crippled registration programs, hobbled confiscations schemes and made a mockery of licensing programs.

And the difference between there and here is that in other places gun owners were a tiny scattered minority who were unable to coordinate with each other. Here in America we know that we are probably a majority and our fellow gun owners will support us. Instead of simply hiding, we’ll fight back together. Hopefully it will only be civil disobedience rather than civil war, but war could be arranged if the anti-gunners decide to be hard-headed about it.

HT: Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned

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