Bad man caught doing bad things

When you write these stories every day you start to wonder what you could possibly say that’s new. Mondays are the worst because reporters are mostly off for the weekend and the crime sections of are kind of picked over by Sunday. The crimes are still being committed, but the reporters won’t get around to telling us about them until they get in to work on Monday. It must be even harder to write the crime stories when they don’t bother to tell you anything about the suspects themselves.

A Wilmington man was arrested Thursday after officers spotted him fleeing from a house where a reported burglary was in progress and they found him in possession of items stolen from another home nearby, an official said.

They tell you what happened, but they never tell you anything about the suspect at all. Simple things like this


He’s been a thief and a fraud artist for 10 years. When do we get fed up with his antics and lock him away?

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  1. That’s one of the longer rap sheets I’ve seen.