Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is flattered

Michelle Dockery says she is flattered by all the fan attention she gets as a result of Downton Abbey.

Michelle Dockery has spoken of her flattery at the attention and adoration she receives from Downton Abbey fans.

The actress plays Lady Mary in the ITV1 period drama, which is one of the most watched programmes on British television.

Dockery admits that there have been some unusual fan tributes over the years, but that she appreciates all of them.

Strange how she doesn’t mention her being named as Official Blog Girlfriend of this humble blog. But she appreciates it anyway and I’m glad.

So Michelle, when are we going on our first date? I know a great little shooting range where I can teach you how to shoot a pistol. And if our first date goes well we can have ourselves a wonderful little weekend getaway.

Recoil therapy is a great stress relief for us acting types. Plus it’s good training for future roles which require firearms handling skills.

3 responses to “Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is flattered

  1. Off topic, but I know you like these sorts of things. A 14 year old home alone with his sister shot an intruder in Henderson last month.


  2. @RogerUnited: That story is from December 2011. If you haven’t listened to the 911 audio, you should. I wrote about it here


    There’s a link to the full 911 call. He was incredibly polite on the phone. His parents and grandparents must have been proud.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was from 2011.