My friend Josette clubs an anti-gunner like a baby seal *Video*

Josette is a friend of mine who is one of the public faces of Grass Roots North Carolina. She got called up by a local TV station to participate in a discussion with the Gail Neely of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV)


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I think Josette, who is not a trained speaker and has probably only had two prior on camera interviews, smacked Gail down. Here’s what I sent to Josette.

  • Sandy Hook cops showed up after 20 minutes.
  • There were no murders/manslaughters in that NYTimes review of NC CHPs
  • Apparently according to Gail, insane = unable to use logic. If they weren’t being logical, they wouldn’t have picked the gun free zones. You nailed her on this.
  • Good job on telling Gail that you were talking. Ouch. Several times.
    Gail lies about her org and carry. They want to take CHPs to “May Issue” which is the same as “no issue.”
  • You dominiated the conversation. Gail was a statue for most of this interview.
  • Penn (the interviewer) seems very deferential to you. He seems scared to try to talk over you.
  • Oh, the poor “walking wounded.” We should just ban guns so that these poor people don’t have to see law abiding citizens with guns
  • No background checks. We should not have to “Mother May I” to buy or sell a gun
  • The collective rights “militia” argument has been thoroughly debunked and rejected by the Supreme Court. The reason she brought it up is because their parent org CSGV is an extreme Left org that hypes “insurrectionism” as the great fear. They are playing the Brown Scare (facism) card. To the Communists, every enemy is a Facist.
  • The VA Tech shooter used two 15 round mags and all the rest were 10 round mags.
  • Again, you ran her over. She was an also ran. They could have used a muppet. I like it.

 I wrote these points while I was watching the video.

Please use the comments section to tell Josette what you thought. I think she did well by professional standards, and considering her lack of prior experience, fantastic.

GRNC needs members. Please join and donate to help us fix our gun laws.

While you are at it, go to the news station’s page and leave a comment letting them know what you thought of Josette and of Gail’s lying.

7 responses to “My friend Josette clubs an anti-gunner like a baby seal *Video*

  1. Wow, a Gun Debate that is an actual debate.

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  3. If you are talking ‘professional standards’, Josette did very well but your choice of titles is very poor and polarizing.

  4. Gail says at about 7:00 in, that the police arrived at Sandy Hook within a minute. I’m curious how that works, since all official timelines state that they didn’t get there until 20 minutes in.

  5. She also says more guns = more deaths. I guess she forgot about the recent talk of the 49% decrease in the murder rate over the last 20 years. Math and numbers are hard in liberal-land.

  6. Josette Rocks, She came prepared and rocks

  7. Good job Josette! I don’t know her but I’ve waited too long and her performance inspired me. I really like their “no compromise” approach and so I’m signing both myself and my lovely wife up for GRNC memberships.