Preach it, sister!

Rachel Lucas goes after one of America’s cherished myths. So many Americans thing that the Brits are somehow smarter because of their accents.

I think it was Adam Carolla the other day that I heard lamenting that Americans are impressed by a British accent because we stupidly think it sounds smart. I admit, I shared that utterly baseless bias before four years ago but it was annihilated after about three days of living in England.

Trust me, folks. The British have just as many inbred dipshits with goat-like IQ as America has. I heard just as much moronic, ill-reasoned, poorly-enunciated and blatantly fuckin’ dumbassed nonsense in “posh” Surrey and around London as I ever did during my hickbilly childhood in hickbilly Missouri.

She goes on to point out how incredibly stupid Piers Morgan is, despite the number of people who think he’s just so smart because he sounds like something straight out of My Fair Lady.

I posted this to my Facebook page and got a response from my brother.

Huh. You couldn’t figure out that out by listening to our relatives?

I hadn’t really thought about it, mostly because I rarely think about my mother’s family. He’s right. I’ve heard some really stupid, thoughtless, ill-considered crap delivered with a “posh” accent during my childhood. Maybe that’s why I am immune to the whole “British accents sound smart” garbage. I don’t care how you pronounce it. Being a snob doesn’t make you intelligent.


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