You know, there’s a simple solution for this problem

Two legs bad, four legs bad as well?

Lauren Hodge, of Chapel Hill, recalls walking her Jack Russell terrier last summer when she was approached by a coyote.

“I saw a great big, fat rogue coyote that had been plaguing our neighborhood,” she said Tuesday. “My dog was going crazy. I was terrified.”

Her daughter, Hannah, had a similar encounter when she and her dog were chased into the woods by one.

Encounters with coyotes, like the Hodges’, are becoming more common.

I’d even be willing to help out. I have a nice shiny new rifle which would be perfect for explaining to coyotes that their presence is no longer required.

Someone needs to explain to these people that unless they teach the animals that humans are at the top of the food chain, the animals will never learn. If you run and hide, you are food. If you shoot them dead, not so much.

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