Wake County isn’t above a little “Security Theater”

Recently citizens begun demanding more security in schools. After another school shooting, this time a massacre, you can hardly blame parents for demanding more than some door locks and a buzzer. For financial and political reasons the district doesn’t want to give them real security, so what do they do? They institute a bit of Security Theater.

Go to this link and look at the photo. It’s a class under lockdown in Wendell, just east of Raleigh. They describe it like this

teachers are to lock their doors, turn off the lights, cover the windows, and have students sit in a corner of the room away from the door.

The lights were turned off and there was lots of inadvertent touching since about two-dozen teens were crammed in a small space.

They’veforced the children to sit down in the corner where they would be conveniently lined up for the shooter. It’s like the school is determined to make it easy for any potential killer. 

Even the kids thought it was stupid.

After the “gunman” moved on, student Brittany Reid suggested the class run for it instead of sitting in the corner of the room “waiting to get shot.”

“If we scattered in all directions, (the gunman) wouldn’t know who to shoot,” she said.

While one student called Reid crazy – “Are you trying to get shot?” she said – several liked the idea. And some thought the class should flee through the back window since Kingsmore’s class is on the first floor. After all, if the gunman broke through the door, he could hurt many students at once

Or they could have grabbed all those chairs and desks and pelted the gunman, spoiling his aim. Or beat him to death, spoiling his entire plan.

This entire episode is designed to give the the impression of competent authority “doing something.” In reality it’s just another example of the idiots in charge pretending to be doing something while actually making the situation worse. It’s hard to imagine that they would do otherwise. The same people who insist that honest parents, teachers, and staff with guns are too irresponsible to be allowed on campus can hardly be asked to believe that a bunch of children could be allowed to fight for their own lives.

Worse than that episode is this one. The Wake County School Board is considering putting security in schools. Unarmed security.

The Wake County Board of Education is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to put one unarmed security guard at each elementary school in the district.

If approved, the measure would cost $835,000 for three months or nearly $2.4 million for a year for a contract with AlliedBarton Security Services. The company already provides security for some of the schools in the district.

Let’s put a man in a uniform up front so he can get shot first! It’s the perfect Government plan. It’s both costly AND ineffective! There are 105 elementary schools in Wake County, so that works out to $22,857.14 per guard per school year. You can’t hire a person to get shot for that amount of money.

We ask for security and what we get is a song and dance routine. Maybe it’s time to end government run schools. They can’t teach the kids and they won’t protect them.

You can call Wake County at 919-431-7400. You can send email to the school board at the following email addresses. I’ve formatted the email addresses so you can copy/paste them into your email and send one email to all of them.

  • Mrs. Christine Kushner, Vice Chair
  • Mr. John Tedesco
  • Ms. Deborah Prickett
  • Mr. Kevin L. Hill
  • Mrs. Susan P. Evans
  • Mr. Keith Sutton, Chair
  • Ms. Debra Goldman
  • Dr. Jim Martin

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Don’t let them get away with this foolishness.

10 responses to “Wake County isn’t above a little “Security Theater”

  1. Like potential airline terrorists, I think we are approaching the point where people in schools start beating the crap out of potential bad guys, whether or not the authorities say you should.

  2. “But it’s wrong,” he said in an Jan. 10 interview. “Research shows this is the best way to buy time and safety until law enforcement arrives.”

    Really? Funny, I haven’t seen any of that research.

    Not only that, schools can’t allow students to flee campus because they must account for them: “We’re responsible for them. So we have to always know where they are,” Smith said

    Ahhh….now we get to the heart of the matter. They need the students to stay in harms way so the bureaucrats don’t get in trouble. That makes a lot of sense.

  3. I agree that the schools are responsible for the kids, but I think the real reason they don’t want anybody to take action is to condition them to wait to be saved by “proper” authorities. If the kids get used to taking care of themselves, they might do that as adults to!

  4. @RogerUnited: That’s certainly part of it. State run schools seem to spend more time conditioning children to be passive and follow directions than actually teaching them anything.

  5. I’ve been fighting this fight at work. Turns out that the most egregious part of our lockdown policy – requiring us to toss green cards out into the hallway, thus negating any attempt at hiding – is dictated by the local police. Ridiculous.

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head,they don’t want to do anything,they want to ‘look like’they are doing something.

  7. Why reinvent the wheel? Israeli school model (M16 slung over teacher’s sholder). Maybe it will keep some of the Progressives/ Liberals out of the teaching business.

  8. “requiring us to toss green cards out into the hallway”


  9. The procedure is that once the doors are locked, teachers post a colored card in the door window. Usually Green for “everyone accounted for” and Red for “not accounted for.”

    Heather is saying that putting the green card up is tantamount to telling the shooter that there are targets inside.

  10. Oh we don’t even put ours up in the window (because that would require us to go to the door?). We’re supposed to toss it out in the hallway which is way more obvious to anyone walking down it.

    We did a lock down drill today. I had to answer a lot of questions from my kids on why I wasn’t allowed to carry a gun to protect them. They aren’t stupid.